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Steve & Jackie Bayly
Our Story of success, failures and hardship in property investing to becoming Successful Property Investing Entrepreneur's

We are really grateful that you are taking the time to be here.

We wanted to share a little about our story. When I met Jackie I fell in love with her immediately her energy and attitude toward life was infectious. 3 months later I asked Jackie to marry me, her father said no as she was only 15 years old so instead we starting planning our life together and saving for our future. 4 years later we got married and bought our first home, within 3 years we had it paid off in full. We sacrificed a lot and worked our butts off to make this happen.

We have now been married 34 years, have 2 beautiful children and have been investing in property locally and internationally for over 30 years. We have successfully invested through two major booms and three major economic crashes but let me tell you it has been far from smooth sailing.

Has it been easy? No! Would we do it again? Without a doubt! What is the best lesson we have learnt? To never give up on your dreams! We know what it's like to have lots of wins and lots of loses, we know what it’s like to have to live by the skin of your teeth. If it wasn’t for our hard work, determination, resilience and persistence we wouldn’t be here telling you this story. Our passion for property has been a long road, we don’t want others to take the long road and get burnt the way we did. 

Our first property deal was a disaster it fell so far short of our expectations, it didn’t work out at all how we imagined. From extra costs that kept adding up to blow outs in time frames, our projected profit margin was nowhere near what we were expecting. Our second deal went even worse, shit hit the fan and we were way out of our depth, we lost everything including our house which we had worked so agonisingly hard for. It was an absolute kick in the guts, we weren’t sure if we would continue, we wanted to give up and we didn’t know what we were going to do. 

Broken, renting and wondering how we were going to make ends meet with a new little baby, I remember saying to Jackie if we pick ourselves up and keep going this little boy will never have to feel what we are feeling right now. I promised Jackie on our wedding day that we were going to change what the name Bayly means for our family and future generations. We were no longer going to let our limiting beliefs stop us from achieving our dreams. We had to make this work for our growing family. We wanted our children to be able to follow their dreams and we knew the potential of what property could give us. Later down the track we found out that we weren’t going to be able to have anymore children which was devastating for us. Desperately wanting more children we decided to adopt a child who was looking for a family as we were a family looking for a child and we where blessed with a little girl from Thailand. 

Supporting children in need is very close to our heart, we make a commitment to help where we can through sponsorship, charity work and donations and to date we have been involved with charities such as The Thai Red Cross Orphanage, Destiny Rescue, Compassion and The 2h Project. 

Family being our number one inspiration we began to immerse ourselves in education and self development; attending seminars, finding mentors and reading books. One mentor Robert Kiyosaki’s and his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad set in concrete our passion for property. This book changed our lives and is a must read for everyone. We challenged our mindset and way of thinking and began to live and breathe property. Once we began to work with mentors, let go of our ego, except our failures and learn from them we truly started to succeed. To this day we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on mentors, education and personal development. We will continue learning it is a lifelong journey of self discovery and improvement.

After working a lot on ourselves we began to rebuild our lives, we picked up the pieces and started again. From then on everything we did in business was to finance our passion for property. We did whatever it took to get property working for us. We educated ourselves in finance and even became mortgage brokers running a hugely successful business.

Fast forward 30 years lots of blood, sweat and tears and 30 property investments later we have navigated our way through nearly every investment strategy under the sun from developments, commercial properties, positive cash flow properties, high percentage return on money invested, renovating, flipping, subdivisions amongst other things. We finally found what worked for us and after reviewing our portfolio, we sold off our older homes as these were costly both in time and never ending maintenance. We made the decision then to only work with new homes for our wealth creation. We have helped over 6000 people and families with mentoring and strategy sessions on how to build wealth from investing in property. 

Over the years we have lost more money that some people would ever be able to recover from and we are still here stronger than ever. Looking back we know we would have gone forward a lot quicker if we had used mentors from the beginning, hindsight is a wonderful thing but we also know that the biggest risk would have been doing nothing at all. The most important advice we can offer any property investor is find yourself some good mentors who have walked the path you are on and guide you through the hard times and challenging questions you face and remember patience’s, resilience’s and persistence is the key. 

We are so thankful that we believed in ourselves and followed our dreams and can’t even put into words how rewarding it is that we now get to help others do the same. The joy we get from seeing our clients achieve their goals is such an amazing feeling. We want our clients to become part of our family and truly believe that we can all achieve anything we set our minds to. Our inspiration is to help as many people as we can achieve just that. 

Take a look at your current reality, is it in line with your dreams and vision for your life? Are you living your live based on your values? We sincerely hope this inspires you to find a way to create financial freedom through property investing as we know it is a vehicle to give you more for your future.

Sincerely ,
Steve & Jackie Bayly
1983: Finally married the love of my life
2008 : The birth of Properties4U.
1998: Our family
2012: Being able to live life on our terms,  
One of the Cruises we have taken. 
2011: Speaking on Stage in Dallas USA
2014: Jackie in Cambodia volunteering 
with the 2h Project
2014: All grown up, we couldn't be prouder that our children are following their dreams. we encourage them to dream BIG.
2016: On site at Springlake in a meeting with developers looking to save a tree with our house design, magnificent location. Love what we do!
2015: Ongoing Education is so important to us. Working with our Personal Development and Mindset Coach Mojo Master
2016: Giving some children a brighter Christmas 
with gift donations.
2017 : Nothing better than handing over the keys to our clients and knowing that we are helping them achieve their dreams. 
2016 : Love what we a business with the love of your life doing what your passionate about - property and helping many others on the journey -checking out clients property developments in Geelong!
2017: Personal Development Breakfast. 
We loved this as inspiring woman to live life to their full potential 
is something we are very passionate about.
2017: Family means everything to us. Having everyone together doesn't happen as often as we would like, now our children are living their own dreams. The journey of Life is always changing.
If you would like to learn more about what is possible for you, then we invite you to look at our signature programs to see what is going to be the best way for you to move things forward towards you own dreams & goals.  We want you to be doing more of what makes your heart sing and allow you to achieve more in life.

Create a legacy that is bigger than you. Make sure you have enough for your future. Talk to us about your dreams and aspirations and let us help you create a plan to get it working for you and making it a reality. Start taking steps towards achieving your goals and creating a better life for yourself and your family.  Whatever is holding you back we are here to help you work through it. If you know you want more for your future and are willing to take action, then we can help you with the how.  

Steve & Jackie Bayly
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