"Helping People & Families Follow their Dreams & Achieve their Goals with Property"
Steve & Jackie Bayly
Learn More About Steve & Jackie's Journey...

Steve & Jackie met when they were teenagers fell in love & starting planning their life together. They got married young & couldn’t wait to buy their first home, within 3 years from purchase they had it paid off in full. Determination, persistence & commitment is how they made this happen.

After this they were keen to get into property investing, their first property fell short of their expectations. From extra costs to blow outs in time frames, their projected profit margin was not what they were expecting. It was a case of biting of more than they could chew & taking on an advanced strategy without the right knowledge or experience.

Their second deal went even worse they were way out of their depth, they ended up losing everything including their house which they had worked so hard for. They wanted to give up, didn’t know what they were going to do & weren’t sure if they could continue.

Starting from scratch with a new little baby to support, they over came those negative thoughts telling them they weren’t capable of achieving their dreams & together decided to never let those negative thoughts control their actions ever again. It was this team work that helped them begin to rebuild. It is this hard work determination & commitment that has helped them create what they have today.

Family being their number one inspiration they decided the best thing to do was to immerse themselves in education; attend courses, find mentors & read books. 
One mentor which changed their lives is Robert Kiyosaki’s & his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a book they recommend everyone to read & is what set in concrete their passion for property.

With this new mindset & strong belief that property is the right path for them they set out to create their wealth & began working with mentors. It was time to let go 
of their ego’s, except their failures & learn from their mistakes. This is when they truly started to succeed, they attribute their success to this continued lifelong learning.

Life was back on track until they devastatingly found out they couldn’t have any more children, so they decided to adopt a child and were blessed with a little girl from Thailand. Supporting children in need is still something very close to their heart. They make a commitment to help where they can through sponsorship, charity work & donations. To date they have been involved with charities such as The Thai Red Cross Orphanage, Destiny Rescue, Compassion & The 2h Project.  

From then on everything they did in business was to finance their passion for property. This led to careers as Mortgage Brokers & they went on to own, run & franchise a hugely successful Mortgage Broking business. It was during running this business that the dream of Properties4U was created. They sold their Mortgage Broking business to focus on Properties4U & their property portfolio gave them the flexibility & choice to take their time with the transition & also enjoy some much desired & needed time off.

Over 30 property investments later they have navigated their way through nearly every investment strategy under the sun from developments, commercial properties, positive cash flow properties, high percentage return on money invested, renovating, flipping, subdivisions amongst other things. 

Hindsight is a wonderful thing & looking back now they know they would have gone forward a lot quicker if they had used mentors from the beginning, but they also know the biggest risk is doing nothing at all.

Their passion for property has been a long road, their desire now is to use their knowledge & experience to help others make the best possible decisions with property, because getting it wrong is very costly. They don't want other people to make the same mistakes they did & have seen so many others make over the years.

It is this experience that helps them offer the best strategic advice to their clients whether that be buying, selling or investing. 

They have helped over 6000 people & families with mentoring & strategy sessions on how to build wealth through with property & how to create the right property solutions for each individual.

The best lessons learnt are to never give up on your dreams & always have an experienced & professional team to support you. Find good mentors who have walked the path you are on, that can guide you through the hard times & answer the challenging questions.

Remember patience’s, resilience’s & persistence are key plus a strong belief in yourself, a clear end goal & the determination to follow your dreams.

What gives them the most joy is that they now help others with achieving their dreams. They truly believe that we can all achieve anything we set our minds to. Their mission is to help as many people as they can achieve just that.

They sincerely hope this inspires you to start your own property journey so you can create financial freedom with property as they know it is a great vehicle to give you more for your future.

1983: Wedding Day
2007: Jackie in Cambodia with the 2h Project
2011: Educating & Mentoring - Dallas USA
2015: Working with Mentor & Coach Mojo Master
2017: Women's Personal Development Breakfast. 
2017 : Celebrating the Year that Was with Our Great Team
1998: Family
2008: Properties4U  Founded by Steve & Jackie Bayly
2012: Cruise Ship Holiday
2016 : Business Trip to Geelong
2017: Family 
2018 : Enjoying  Some Down Time Together in QLD
What some of Our Clients & Contacts Are Saying
Jacqui Broderick - "Stress free & simple, highly recommend"
Su Ching- "It's been a really great experience for me " 
 "We had been looking to invest in property for a number of years and had looked at a number of investment groups before we met Jackie and Steve. They made us feel comfortable immediately and were very professional and knowledgeable. They made it easy to work with them and for us to feel comfortable that we were making a sound investment. We now have a great investment property. We will be looking to Jackie and Steve when it comes time to increase our investment portfolio and we have recommended them to friends considering property investment." 

Rodin & Lynda Black

 "From our first meeting with Jackie and Steve we knew we had met people we really liked and could trust. Their passion and experience in the industry was so evident and they made our investment purchase seamless. They have provided advice, introductions to other key providers and ongoing support from day one, and their support continues even after the project has completed. Thank you Jackie and Steve for sharing your expertise and talent with us."

Glenn & Tracey Kermond

"A huge thank you to the team at Properties4U! Your support and advice throughout this sometimes confusing, stressful and exciting process has been really great. I think it would have been another few years before we thought we were ready to buy our first home and so we are really grateful that you have shared your expertise with us."

Tom & Diane Fisher
"If you want security, customer service and excellent investment portfolio advice I strongly recommend meeting with Jackie & Steve to discuss your investment opportunities. They built our investment property and we have loved it so much that we have already started on our second building in our portfolio with them! They have set us up to build a strong portfolio for our retirement."

Ben & Megan Spyker 
“Jackie & Steve work at record speed, which suits me as this is the speed that I operate at. They follow through to completion with clients & it is always a great experience working with Properties4U.
When I am looking at a project, we work together from the start. Jackie & Steve provide in depth research on what the market is looking for in that area & we work on the designs until we nail it. It’s a winning combination & I have not had that experience with any other agents. Properties4U are definitely not your run of the mill agents, they makes things happen. "

Anthony Farina
“Thanks Steve and Jackie for organizing the purchase for Jacqui, our youngest, her 1st property in Aldinga. We are looking forward to visiting when it has all been finished and here is an advance warning of an invitation to her house warming. Will be lovely being so close to the beach in ‘near country’.”

Frank Broderick
I went to Steve and Jackie when I needed property advice. When I came to them I was completely lost and confused. They helped me so much by providing guidance and explaining the process and strategies in a way I could understand. Where others said what I wanted wasn't possible or would cost me more than I had. Steve and Jackie were creative and knowledgeable enough to find a solution that was exactly what I wanted.  They are not only knowledgeable and trustworthy, but two of the kindest people I have ever met.  
I would highly recommend Properties4U. Honestly I would have been lost without them. Thank you Steve and Jackie .”

Tegan McLean 

"Jackie & Steve bring their loving heart to every part of their business, they are innovative, select properties to match their clients’ needs & they go to great lengths to ensure the process is smooth with a supportive professional team.
They want success for all parties & have integrity in all their dealings. The way they educate & mentor their clients in building wealth is amazing. 

The simple fact that most of those who come across this amazing couple end up being lifelong friends shows their total sense of integrity & care. It is said we only do business with those we like, trust & believe in, Jackie & Steve truly embody all of these qualities.

Sandy De La Mare

"We hope this helps others to find the courage to take the first step! 
I wasn't sure if we were in a position to begin our Property Investment journey but Steve & Jackie were able to alleviate all our fears. They explained investing information & concepts in a way that we could understand.
With their professional support we settled on our first property, 12 Months later we signed another contract & are now building our 2nd property with Jackie & Steve. They are fantastic at pulling us back & ensuring that we don't make any costly mistakes.
They surrounded us with an experienced & knowledgeable team of experts, all of whom are only a phone call away and eager to help.
Steve & Jackie are fantastic to work with, thank you for your support & with your professional help & guidance, we look forward to collecting many more properties, not just books and information! "

Tim & Carolyn  Fraser

We have invested and built in the past, but through Jackie and Steve we did not have to do a thing! 

The whole experience & process has been very open, pleasant & flowing without hassles. They provide an excellent service, show a genuine interest in people & their knowledge in the market place is outstanding.
Depreciation & taxation was addressed accurately & the research behind every property presented was extraordinary & very reliable.
Our first experience went so well that we have since bought 2 more properties through Steve & Jackie, we wouldn’t go anywhere else & I highly recommend Properties4U ."

Steve & Miranda Hickman

"Thank you Steve & Jackie. We cannot thank you enough for your support and guidance as we build our portfolio. Your customer service, knowledge and experience is in a league of its own. It is very comforting knowing you are only a phone call away and we look forward to building our relationship long into the future. Thanks so much! "

Emma & Troy Gryczewski

"We didn’t think we were in a position to buy our first property but with the help and support of Properties4U and their professional network we were able to find out what was possible. They have given us the confidence and trust to move forward with investing. We are thrilled with our decision to buy an investment as our first home. It has meant a lot less stress with mortgage repayments and the tax deductions make owning property a lot more affordable. The support & research Properties4U offer along the way has been invaluable and they are always there to answer any questions. We are so grateful to have the help of Jackie and Steve as we build our investment portfolio. "

Sarah Fleetwood & Chris Presser

“I was lucky enough to be referred to this very professional and friendly lady when I was looking to buy a new home. Jackie from Properties 4U offered me a great block of land with a proposed house design. The design did not quiet suit my needs, so Jackie along with her great staff guided me through the process of changing the plans to fit my particular needs. The whole process went smoothly from beginning to end. I cannot recommend Jackie and the team enough and today I have a great new home. Thank you”
Linda Medhurst
“Just wanted to say thank you for everything. You have all been so fantastic – we were so unsure about how to go about buying an investment property and you have all made it so seemless! You’ve taken all of the stress and anxiety away – we really could not be happier with the way it has gone.”

Andie Anderson & Lance Peters
 "Jackie & Steve have been there throughout the process from land acquisition through the build to the handover. Being interstate investors has never been an issue as Jackie & Steve’s professional relationships with developers, builders and property managers has facilitated a smooth process through immediate communication and management of any potential situation. 
We have enjoyed the entire process from start to fruition. Our investment future enthusiasm currently awaits our next venture with Jackie and Steve.

Tim & Louise Remmerswaal

 "I have known Steve for six years and have always been impressed with his commitment to doing the best for his clients. He and his wife Jackie make an excellent team assisting people to growth their wealth through investing in property. Integrity, commitment, reliability, honesty, providing practical advice and being realistic characterise their strengths. I recommend the Bayly team at Properties4U. "

Judy Timperon

“ Awesome people with the knowledge & hands on experience to help you get where you want to go!!!Genuine down to earth 1st class service."

Barry Evans  

"Steve and Jackie were absolutely brilliant in making what seemed quite daunting in the beginning all the more achievable. Lovely people to work with, and very supportive throughout the entire process. Only downside was the slightly bullish estimated finish date. Would certainly recommend and return."

Alex Ross 
"We sat with Jackie and Steve and they gave us their undivided attention, expertise and passion in relation to the much needed advice we sought. Their heart driven help and support was over and above what anyone would expect to receive. We highly recommend their services"

Tracey McLean 
"I have no hesitation in referring clients & friends to Jackie & Steve Bayly.
I worked with & known Jackie & Steve for many years, I have seen both internally & externally the passion for real estate & results based education to wealth creation that they live by. Jackie & Steve’s integrity means you can totally TRUST you are in safe hands with a couple that has your back, every set of the way.  They make what many people see as a dream “To own investment properties” into a safe reality, you are equipped with knowledge you will understand to make the right decisions for your future.  If you want solid & sound advise that’s personalised for you backed by integrity, commitment & total honesty…then all you need to do is ask Steve & Jackie, they can help you." 

Sally A Curtis

"We met Steve & Jackie when we were pondering the idea of investing & exploring the options. After our first meeting we became enthusiastic & confident to join the investment world with the knowledge & support of Properties4U. Living remote we wanted the process to be as stress free for us & we couldn't have asked for a better team to work with & keep us in the loop with us every step of the way. It turned out to be a very enjoyable experience entering the investment world!"

Jordan Hooper
The major wisdom we have learnt along the way is self belief, the value of resilience and persistence, having clear goals & the knowing to never give up on what you want. 

Inspiring & helping others to follow their dreams & achieve their goals has been our inspiration every step of the way.

 The joy we get from seeing our clients achieve their goals is such an amazing feeling & it's why we do what we do.

We have given property investing advice to over 6000 people & families, helping them successfully navigate their way through the exciting yet sometimes confusing world of property.

Steve & Jackie Bayly